Alright so today on Repairs101 Iíve got a frayed piece of coaxial cable on a two-way radio antenna that needs repairing.

OK so hereís the deal: coax is used on electronics like two-way radios, radar and something called television.

Coaxil cable end before soldering   Digital Multimeter showing zero ohms resistance

Now hereís a sample I put together, really the tip should be soldered as well as the shield should be soldered to the fitting.

This is what a bad installation looks like. I guess he was in a hurry or something, I donít know. So I cleaned it up and I dismantled it. I had a heck of a time getting this plug out. (There it goes!)

Obviously the wire needed to be fresh-ended. So I marked the wire for the core and the shield Ė just the same as the old wire. Once the end is prepped you want to slip on a shrink tube.




Next I took a terminal and I bent the ring back and then I spread apart the saddle a little bit. I put it all together and spread the shield away from the dielectric. Be sure your dielectric is cut so that itís flush to avoid any signal leakage.

I trimmed the ring off, then I gave the saddle a real good squeeze. Then a little solder here, a little solder there. A little solder there, too. So then shrink tube, two layers thick. And then last but not least was this little plug that I stuck on with some silicone.

Finish up with a continuity test from the antenna to the core and again from the fitting to the base.

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