Review of Craftsman 207 piece socket and combination wrench tool set from Sears bought in 2006 for $119.99 CDN.
OK now if youíre just getting started out buying tools I would strongly recommend picking up a kit like this one right here.
Now this is a Craftsman two hundred and seven piece tool kit OK. It comes in this really sweet blown plastic, fitted carrying case. Itís just terrific for taking around, you know, jobsites or Ö a very, very thorough, comprehensive starter set.

Steve, host of Repairs101  Craftsman tool set reveal

Youíve got your deep sockets up here, specialty drives up here. Extensions, a universal, twelve point in metric and in SAE, large and small. Combination wrenches in both metric and SAE again. Quarter inch drive, six point quarter inch drive. Six point three eights inch drive and this is twelve point three eights inch drive over here and half inch drive up in here. Half inch drive, three eights inch drive and quarter inch drive socket wrenches. Some square drives. Thereís some adapters. And, really just a great set.
The regular price on this thing was two hundred and seventy nine dollars but I picked it up on sale for a hundred and nineteen dollars. This is twice as good a set and twice as comprehensive a set as I started off with.



What I recommend, as far as brand goes, is very simple: choose your brand according to what you like.
Iíve got Mastercraft. Iíve got Craftsman. Iíve got Snap-On. Gray. Iíve got Wright. Gear Wrench. Iíve got Williams. Iíve got Proto Iíve got. Stanley. Iíve got Northern. I got Husky. I got Challenger.  Mac. Blue Point. Bonney. Action. Iíve got Blackhawk. Got Armstrong. And even some more besides those.
Pick whatever youíre most comfortable having as your tools. Just make sure, what ever it is you pick, it comes with a lifetime warranty and that you hold on to the receipt because youíll be happy that you did when you go and you shatter a socket and you can just go to the store and trade it for a new one.
Well, yeah, I got quite a few different brands but thatís because my tool kitís grown organically over the course of my life. Iíve always believed in investing in tools and Iíve always believed in spending a few bucks here and there on something thatís going to be worth it and going to give you a lifetime of use out of it.
Itís an old clichť but itís something my Grandfather taught me. He said that if you take care of your tools, your tools will take care of you.
Itís true.

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