How to do-it-yourself instructional on replacing a worn deadbolt lock. Compares the Schlage double-cylinder deadbolt with a lower priced competitor.
Oh man, you know you got problems when your key rotates more than three hundred and sixty degrees in one direction. Iím going to replace it and Iíll show you how itís done.
Lucky for me Iím locked in not locked out so I can take care of this without having to break a window. See Iíve go a key lock inside as well as outside, Iíd recommend it for any door like this one that has a window in it. Itís easy for a burglar to smash and reach his hand in and turn a latch. On a door with a double cylinder lock, anybody who reaches in is going to be in for a surprise because if the keyís not there they still canít open the door very easily.
 So I just thought weíd take a look inside my locks box. Itís a box of locks. Iíve got an awful lot of locks in here. Some interesting stuff.
OK Iíve got the Allen key here that opens this particular lock-set up. Just a couple of quick turnsÖ
Yeah OK so there you go so the inside cylinder just drops away and then the outside cylinder also comes off. OK obviously somethingís wearing out. Oh yeah, thereís a pretty good look at it right there.
Schlage double cylinder deadbolt lock set unboxed
OK so I went with the Schlage brand double cylinder deadbolt. Double cylinder meaning thereís a key on both sides. Donít leave your spare key in there as a latch because that will simply defeat the purpose of having one. Letís get this thing unpacked. OK so have a look. Iíve unpacked the Schlage double cylinder lock kit and I just want to show you what we got. First of all the instructions Ė very important Ė exploded diagrams, which I love. OK. For my money thereís nothing better than an exploded diagram to show you whatís what. Going around: a template, various hardware, striker plate, mounting bolts, set screws for the striker plate, some real nice brass keys and the reset keys that come with it so that you can change the locks of other Schlage locks to match these keys or vice versa have this blank key cut to match your existing Schlage lock keys and then rekey your new lock to match your old keys. Itís a great deal.
Itís also a good quality lockset, OK you can see the difference. I went and bought a medium priced, ďmiddle of the roadĒ lock set before I got the Schlage thinking I would be smart and try and save myself some money. Now Iím just showing you the back, Iím going to try to show you this without showing you the name of the other one because Iím not going to recommend them. Both have the same kind of outside, brushed stainless steel casings and then they both have the same type of device but really theyíre not very similar, you want to have a really close look at things sometimes. For instance, this oneís pick guard, OK just pops right off like that, itís very cheaply put in itís just pushed into place. The idea of that is of course to stop someone Ė not from picking the lock but from opening the lock using a pick. Thatís all Iíll say because I donít want to be teaching people how to break into doors. The weight of the objects themselves, the Schlage on my right feels like it weighs about twice as much as this other brand on my left. Also just to compare the housings of the two deadbolts bodies, this one, again much lighter than this one. So something else youíre going to compare when youíre looking at the two different locks is the deadbolt itself. The Schlage deadbolt on the right is larger than the other brand on the left. You can see thereís a lot more metal there to do itís job.
OK so after I clean it up and bow out the debris I just want to show you that this is in fact what youíre looking at. Thatís our deadbolt, thatís how far it fits into the doorframe, and there it is right there.
OK weíre just going to take the old deadbolt out real quick. Itís just a matter of undoing a couple of Phillips head screws. So, here we are. Hereís the old one. It pulls out nice and easy. There is nothing wrong with this particular mechanism so Iím just going to save it. Iím going to save it in my locks box. Itís a box of locks. And presto magic weíre ready to load in the new one. Orient it correctly, it says top so you want to hold that end up and just drop it in.

Metal filings from worn out deadbolt  Deadbolt lock bolt length and penetration

Iíll just start putting these screws back in. You can hear the symphony. Enjoy the symphony of sirens while Iím doing this together. Life in the city, eh?
OK you donít want to over-tighten these things because you donít want to distort the shape of it. So you see I just back that off a little bit, and just take a standard screwdriver and try it. Runs nice and smooth.

Lock assembly detail

For reassembly, the object of the game will be to get this little tab this little tab which is flat on one side and bulged or rounded on the other side. OK youíre going to try and get that tab in the slot that controls the deadbolt. OK so youíre going to get that in like that from the other side, and then you need to match up this one Ė the interior one Ė also flat side to flat side. And you know you have to do this blindly through the door, thatís why Iím showing you this way. So youíre going to have to be able to line up flat side to flat side and then find its way in so that it also shares its ability to turn the deadbolt. OK. The key to it Ė pardon the pun Ė is to make sure these tongues are flat side to flat side and not round side to round side. If you try to do them round side to round side youíre going to have real problems and itís going to work just beautifully otherwise.
Iíve just got a hold of the outside cylinder with my finger there. Itís already put into that slot I just showed you. Iíve got the inside cylinder here and Iíve got the little tongue lined up so that it can slide into the controller into the deadbolt controller. Flat side to flat side with the tongue from the outside cylinder and Iím getting a little resistance, there we go it just dropped right in nice and easy. OK so now  just take the screws they provided and assemble it and weíre done.
Finish those off. Stick the key in. There it goes. Itís a little snug so Iíll back off and try and centre it a bit better. And weíre done.

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