Alright so today on Repairs101 I thought Iíd share with you some of the tips and tricks Iíve learned over the years working with different kinds of drills.

Well Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again Ė wear your protective eyewear.

Brace and bit drill set

This old off-grid method of boring holes is called a brace.

Lots of different bits and specialty items are available for unusual jobs like this saw drill bit.

Mostly youíll use high speed steel twist drills for wood and metals.




And thankfully most drills come with a keyless chuck nowadays.

Insert only the unhardened part of the shaft into the chuck for a good grip on the bit.

Itís important to start holes with a center-punch, especially on ceramic tile which may shatter otherwise.

Have an assortment of clamps available to suit whatever it is youíre working on.




Sometimes I use these little aluminium angle bars to hold things down.

To keep the bit from getting dull immediately you want to keep it cool by lubricating it and by slowing down the drill speed for harder materials and bigger bores.

Shut the power off, open the lid and use a fine screwdriver to roll the belt to the next smallest sheave.

Drill press beauty shot   Drill press drilling

Light tension on the belt is all thatís required.

Remember to wear your eye protection!

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