Raw materials for jewelry box made from mahogany handrail  Carving box bottom using a gouge chisel

Alright today on Repairs101 Iím going to finish this dugout wooden box that I started last week and Iíll show you the tools I used to make it and other boxes just like it.

So you know, I get a lot of questions about the tools I use for different jobs.

Safety gear is by far the most important thing you need to get.

You want to use a vise to hold your work when youíre working with chisels or youíre going to get cutÖ a lot

As far as saws go I use my table saw whenever I can but thatís not to say you canít do this kind of project with hand tools.

Youíll want to get yourself a speed square and a couple of steel straight edge rulers.

Just like with the table saw a drill press makes light work out of hogging out all those holes but it can be done with a hand drill and some tape on the bit for a depth gauge. 

Now, if I could only have two chisels Iíd pick this little gouge and this small skew chisel. I rely on those two more than all my other chisels combined.

Now you can use files, rasps and or rifflers to obtain the desired bowl shape but I just carved this as flat as I could and sanded it to two hundred and forty grit.

A couple coats of mineral oil and weíre done!

Finished jewelry box made of reclaimed wood  Heavy heart dugout treasure box  Dugout heart shaped keepsake box carved from western red cedar

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