Images of various pieces of Heavy Equipment.
Alright, today on Repairs101: I just got off work and umÖ this is the boat I was working on today. If you look up at the top here is where I was working. You see Iíve got myself a welderís umbrella set up. I live in Vancouver. Yeah, I donít know if you know this but it rains here sometimes.


So as a Heavy Duty Mechanic you get to work on all kinds of really neat stuff. Thereís really just no end to the possibilities of different kinds of machines you might come in contact with.
So I think that often when I tell people that Iím a mechanic they assume I work on cars. But the fact of the matter is Iím much more of a boat guy, actually. Somewhat of a forklift guy, lift equipment guy, cranes, straddle cranes especially.


I only wish I had pictures of all the boats that Iíve worked on, because there have been some real beauties.
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