You know, since I started this channel Iíve been sharing skills, shortcuts and tricks of the trades to help people in their everyday lives. So today on Repairs101 Iím going to show you even more life hacks!

1.) Alright, they say start off with a joke and in a lot of places Iíve worked, safety and first aid is a total joke. Now you can be prepared for if you or someone around you gets cut real bad by keeping a sterile compression bandage inside of your hardhat.

Hardhat with sterile Compression Bandage stored inside  Truing grindstone with homemade wheel dresser

2.) If the stones on your grind-wheel are getting rounded or getting impregnated with debris Ė you can make your own wheel dresser by stacking flat washers on a loose fitting bolt.

3.) Use a spoon to gently pry up under the lid of a jar you canít open and pop the seal without destroying the lid.

Opening jar using spoon to pry lid  Removing fireplace / hearth - cover / plug

4.) You can make a fireplace plug like this one out of a piece of plywood, a couple of boards, some handles and some screws in only a few minutes and dramatically cut down on the draft you get when the fireplace is not in use.

5.) Protect your carís upholstery with some cheap Polar Fleece blankets and use them to insulate pizza or other takeout food until you get home with it.

6.) If youíre working in the field sometimes you have to get creative and hereís a solution I came up with for when I needed a vise but didnít have access to one.

Using a C clamp (or G clamp) as a vise

7.) Prevent foul air conditioning system smells by turning off the A/C and running full fan full vents to dry off your carís evaporator before shutting it down.

8.) Press your finger hard up against a fastener you canít see to take an impression that will help you identify the tool you need.

9.) Repair a stripped out screw-hole by inserting a wooden toothpick or a wood splinter into the hole before driving the screw in.

Trick for holding onto hardware / fasteners with socket wrench

10.) Wrap the head of your fastener in a small piece of paper towel or shop rag to keep it from dropping out of the socket while youíre working with it.

 BONUS.) Now, imagine youíre lying in bed trying to sleep and all you can hear isÖ  (FAUCET DRIPS)

If you can reach the supply valves you can just turn the water off and go back to sleep.

Failing that, try this old trick my Dad showed me when I was twelve years old and he caught me tearing into his sink at three oíclock in the morning trying to get at the valves.

Faucet / tap drip silencer thread trick

Double BONUS.) Now, if youíre catching drips in a bucket Ė just put a hand towel in it for a nice soft quiet landing spot while you go back and get some sleep. You can always fix it in the morning.

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