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1.) Alright, speaking of cars, backing into parking stalls is infinitely safer than backing into a busy parking lot, alleyway or roadway. Being backed in also ensures access to your engine compartment Ė in most cars. Some cars store their batteries and even their engines in the rear of the car so be familiar with your vehicle and park it accordingly.

Cars backed in to parking spots have their engines accessible

2.) If you have to boost your battery and your car has a negative ground Ė which almost all of them do  Ė connect the black / negative / ground cable last and disconnect it first. If you heard differently you heard wrong.

Advise for jump starting batteries  Assembling drains under kitchen sink

3.) When youíre assembling plumbing, like under a sink, itís best to start with everything loose and then to tighten it all gradually and evenly so it draws itself together into position and that way nothing needs to be forced.

4.) I use mineral oil to protect everything from furniture to kitchen tools Ė itís cheap, non-toxic, it doesnít go rancid like food oils and itís available at almost any pharmacy.

Mineral oil as protectant for tool handles  Using a Snack Clip to hold up auto sun shade

5.) You know I used to find my sunshade was always slipping off and falling on the front seat, until I started using these snack clips.

6.) Use a nail or cold chisel to pierce a small hole in the trough of your paint can to drain excess paint back into the can.

Cutting a drain-hole in a paint can's trough  Grinding a broken hatchet into a Tomahawk

7.) Instead of throwing out a broken axe or hatchet head, cut back the toe to create a Tomahawk style head.

8.) Donít let this happen to you on Prom Night! Grab a floor-mat out of the car and keep your clothes clean and dry.

Using a car's floormat as a schmutz barrier / fatigue mat  Pouring transmission fluid through a homemade funnel

9.) Keep your files from clogging by rubbing ordinary chalk onto them, and clean them using a file card.

10.) Whether youíre in the kitchen or in the engine room youíre going to thank me for this one when you need a funnel. Just cut the corner out of a thick plastic bag and then cut the tip off of that.

BONUS.) You can make scrapers that remove all kinds of stickers and decals off of glass paint or metal without scratching it. All you need is a heavy piece of plastic, lexan or plexiglass and run it over your belt sander to give it a nice, fine edge.

Crayon lit and burning bright like a torch

Double BONUS.) If youíre in a real pinch and need some bright torch light Ė look no further than your kidsí toy box.

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