Today on Repairs101 Iím going to open up my tool bag and show you whatís inside.

So today on Repairs101 I thought Iíd show you the inside of my tool bag.  This bag is the bag Iím going to grab every time I go out to do a service call of any kind Ė for doing basic trouble-shooting and even just, you know, getting access in the machines, you want to be able to open up covers and panels and things like that. Whether itís somebodyís boat or a loader or any kind of truck or machine Ė anything you call me out to look at Ė Iíll probably have this bag with me and the reason for that is because itís much easier to handle than a toolbox. Itís got this strap on it and it allows me to be able to throw it over my shoulder and climb up and down slippery ladders and walk across docks and stuff and be able to use my hands to keep my balance and to climb up and down.

Wet ladder to slippery fender log   Steep ladder stairs

OK so the first thing you find is in the pocket, Iíve got Lock-out tags. And Iíve got a little, very basic calliper. Little reel of stainless wire, some emery clothÖ some more emery cloth. And thatís it for this side. Spin it around. Iíve got an Exacto knife and Iíve got a case of Exacto knife blades. Iíve got a little C Ė clamp. This is just a flashlight that goes on the peak of your hat and the pockets on the end have a bunch of nitrile gloves stowed away in them.




OK now inside Ė in no particular order Ė Iíve got a remote starter. Iíve got a very inexpensive digital camera, a tape measure and a digital multimeter. A fresh set of leads for a digital multi-meter. OK now real quick, you know weíve got my little Mac ratchet, and some extensions and this little Action ratchet right here. Have a few more extensions, a basic three eighths metric rail and a basic three eighths imperial rail. Here Iím fairly well organized, Iíve got a lot of great little specialty items. Starting on this side, thereís Vise-grips or locking pliers and a pair of matching adjustable wrenches. Two very small pairs of Channellock style pliers. Some side-cutters and a quarter inch ratchet with a five-sixteenths deep socket on it. I use this all the time for un-doing hose clamps. A putty scraper and in the last pocket a couple of simple seal-picks.




And Iíll turn it around, on the other side we have a pocket where I keep my very small wrenches Ė combination wrenches and double-ender wrenches. In this pocket here again I keep a good selection of combination wrenches and gear-wrenches. In the centre body thereís some screwdrivers, a small aluminium pipe wrench, a twelve inch adjustable wrench, a little bitty ball peen hammer and some more screwdrivers. Iím going to have some electrical tape and there seems to be a roll of Teflon tape. Hereís the rest of the screwdrivers Iím carrying and one more adjustable wrench. You know, all the rest of this is just combination wrenches Ė thereíll be two of every size.

And that, my friends, is my trouble kit.

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