Discussion on how Drag Racing furthers the development of technologies that affect us all.
Rear engine dragster approaching waterbox
Today on Repairs101 – we’re at the track. Check it out!
So now on one hand the track is just burning petrochemicals for fun but…
… man, it is fun.

dragster bike with wheelie bar  Fat tired rod 

At the same time it’s a really necessary scientific proving ground. This is a place where minds come together and create a forum where they can discuss ways to improve existing technologies, modify technologies and indeed inventing new technologies that you and I will both end up behind the wheel of sooner or later. Cars like this that you might be driving every day – they make modifications here that eventually find their way into your vehicle. There’s a car you could be driving on the street right now. I mean, sure, he came in second but he still did a thirteen.
Now on one hand I’ll give you that it’s a lot like putting a thousand monkeys in a room with a thousand typewriters. Eventually, by pure random chance, one of them is going to create the entire works of William Shakespeare. We are just conducting the same experiment over and over again. In a situation like this one of those monkeys actually will be a William Shakespeare. But at the same time you have to understand that the monkeys in that parable are just a metaphor – and they’re a metaphor for guys just like me.

Super beetle   racers doing burnouts at the waterbox

So we’ve all got to work together to keep the track and racing as environmentally friendly and as environmentally responsible as possible.

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