Alright so today on Repairs101 Iím going to show you my old table saw bench which I built over fifteen years ago out of a bunch of old junk. And Iím going to take a minute to talk about the show and where itís headed.

OKÖ Cameraís rollingÖ (CLAPS)Ö Sound is rolling. I donít know what take this is. Alright so today on Repairs101 Iím going to show youÖ Am I still rolling? Yes. (CLAPS) Take eight million. Alright so today Ė alright so today on Repairs101 Ė alright so today on Repairs101 Iím going to heh, heh, heh (DISSOLVES INTO LAUGHTER)

Alright so if this is your first time watching my show you should know that this is kind of a break from my regular format and more of a throwback to the way I used to make videos.

Repairs101 is a weekly skills and tools show where I share knowledge and skills that Iíve learned over a lifetime of working at blue collar jobs and Ė out of necessity Ė doing things for myself.

One of the things about my show is I always try and stress safety and thatís because out in the real world  itís been my experience that people donít stress safety and they generally donít even talk about it or think about it until after somebodyís been hurt.

So I guess you would say that the mission of my show is to help people help themselves by sharing ideas and information and skills.

Now you can see that the design of my table saw bench allows for most of the sawdust you create to fall to the ground, avoiding a potential fire hazard.

With this table saw bench or bench saw table Ė Iím not really sure which it is Ė rather than take it apart and reassemble it for the camera I thought Iíd just show it to you and share with you the idea, the design, the concept of the thing.

You know what? Mostly because itís already twelve noon on Saturday and I only have about twelve hours to make my deadline.

So I used a twenty inch shelf for the back and another one for the top Ė and I pulled out the center plank on the top to allow for the sawdust to fall through.

Now for the lowers I used twelve inchers for both the front face and the shelf for lots of strength and Ėagain Ė removed one of the planks from the shelf to allow the sawdust to fall.

If nothing else Iím hoping I can at least convince some people that they donít need to be a carpenter and buy the best materials to create something that is long lasting and utilitarian / functional that theyíre going to use all the time and that they made, you know, with little more than their imagination and some basic tools and skills.

Now Iím looking to expand the showís format to include demonstrators, experts, trades-people and special guests.

Alright so if you or somebody you know is interested in being on the show as either a collaborator or a guest host or an expert demonstrator drop me a PM or an email. Likewise if you know somebody who wants to help me develop my website for a cut on the takeÖ no Iím serious.

Alright thanks for watching and donít forget to subscribe!

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