Drawing guidelines on table saw deck

Alright so today on Repairs101 Im going to show you how I made this really cool percussion instrument out of a bunch of scrap lumber I had laying around.

So I marked off the soundboard and cut it to length, and then I drew some reference marks on my table saw. After you clamp it securely you can plunge cut it from underneath. After those were cut I elongated the grooves.

For the second soundboard I got the idea to do it all in one go and it went a lot smoother.

Plunge cutting kerfs into soundboard   Jig sawing kerfs into tongues

You can do all the cutting in this project just with a jigsaw if thats the only power tool you can get your hands on.

Next I used a file to even out some of the rough spots that I probably could have avoided if Id have only put the fence back on my saw. And finish cleaning up with some coarse sandpaper.




For the box I decided to make Dado joints between the soundboards and the sides.

This kind of hole saw needs to be fitted to a drill arbor. Make sure your clutch is set to drill.

I just laid a light bead of carpenters glue in the Dado grooves for a firm hold. Excess glue wipes up easily with a damp rag.

Because of the size of it I decided to go with a ratcheting load strap as a box clamp.

So I made my own batons by poking holes in champagne corks with my awl and then inserting nice round chopsticks into them. I honestly thought theyd need to be glued but they really hold on tight.

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