Alright, today on Repairs101 – today on Repairs101 – today on Repairs101 – alright today on Repairs101 we’re going to play a little game and it’s called   “What the heck is that?”

Auto door panel removal pry-bar tool   Cut running pliers for glass and mirror cutting

If you’ve seen my video “Brake Line Double Flares” you know what this is and what its special feature is.

mini pipe and tubing cutter with flare removing groove  Chainsaw bar roller tip grease gun

Alright for this one I’ll give you a hint – the red thing is a cap that comes off before you use it.




This is one of my all time favourite tools – find it in my video “Reliable Crimp Connections”.

  Automatic wire stripping pliers  Bolt thread file for mechanics and machinists

Every mechanic should have a set of these in imperial, metric and pipe thread.

Ingenious and simple – make sure you have one of these in your plumbing kit.

Basin wrench - the plumbers best friend  Schrader valve removal tool

You might think this is just a broken screwdriver until you have a closer look. Check out my video “Something about Valves” if you’re not sure where your Schrader valves are.

These next two don’t appear in any of my videos yet – well, except this one.

Set of wire rope and cable gauges  Hose pinching specialty pliers

Links for videos featuring almost all these tools will be listed in the description box.

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Leave your score in the comments section and if it was too easy – next time I’ll make it harder.

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