Brief discussion on the dangers of over-tightening fasteners. Shows use of Craftsman click-type torque wrenches in both lb.ft. and
Craftsman three eighths drive click type torque wrench
The service manual calls for fifty three inch pounds. OK now Iím going to show you here on this wheel nut that you can easily put fifty three foot pounds on it with just one hand.
Now a foot pound is obviously twelve inch pounds so itís twelve times the power weíre going to require on these little nuts over here.
OK Iíve dialed in fifty three foot pounds.
I just wanted to show you how easy it is to make that kind of power never mind the fifty three inch pounds, which is all you need on the studs to hang our side view mirror. So Ií just going to make some power. Letís just say like that. You see I was only a foot out rather than the actual full eighteen inches.
Just do that real quick and proveÖ you see that? I donít turn at all and itís already saying fifty three foot pounds. So I was able to make fifty three foot pounds with just one hand and only twelve inches of leverage.
So we take it up to thereís forty inch pounds and a zero we want to go to fifty-three so I donít know if you can see this very well but thereís  fifty eleven twelve thirteen. Forty and thirteen is fifty three.
Alright Iím going to just torque these down nice and even you want to you want to bring all the bolts snug before you try and apply the torque. I can feel, Iíve developed a feel for it so I sort of know when the spring inside is about to jump.

Torquing aluminum wheels is critical

Thatís the first one. I donít know if you noticed it. Thereís the second one. Thereís all three.
Iím letting go with this hand in order that it doesnít interfere with the torque Iím applying with this hand and you see Iím doing it with just two fingers of pressure.
 And thatís what I am trying to impress upon you in this episode is that some things canít take a lot of power and you can make a lot of power no matter how small you think you are no matter how weak you might believe you are youíre very strong compared to small fasteners and itís very easy to break them.

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